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Time Management

Time Management

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Effective time management skills improve productivity and are the key to managing today’s diverse workload.  The Time Management Workshop guides participants through a highly effective time and activity management system, to better manage work-related communication, information and activities.  This workshop is beneficial to every level of the workplace.

COURSE BENEFITS:    Participants will be able to:

    Increase productivity by prioritizing all activities on the basis of potential results 
    Effectively manage time and inter-personal communication
    Integrate all important job-related information into one, portable system
    Quickly adapt plans to handle interruptions and emergencies
    Understand how to support TQM in daily work
    Achieve a balanced perspective between urgent and important activities

LENGTH:    One-half day to one full day
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS: Leading Effective Meetings, Critical Thinking, Project Management

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