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Sullivan International, Inc. designs complete Training Solutions fully
integrated into a seamless delivery system. We’re not bound by walls
nor limited in expertise and creativity.


Sullivan International, Inc. was a pioneer in implementing the “virtual
organization” – the organization of tomorrow. A team assembled from our extensive network of consulting experts and specialty companies provide the best minds and talent in training and performance development to apply to a company’s challenges. We go beyond the theoretical concepts and base our strategies and program interventions on the reality of our clients’ organizations.




  • Flexibility – We design solutions to fit your individual needs, going beyond what’s available to match alliances and partners that augment your internal operations.

  • Just-in-Time Delivery – We provide what you want, when you want it.

  • Responsiveness – We welcome change. As your priorities evolve, 
    we shift gears fast, moving forward to meet your emerging needs.

  • Highest Quality – Exceeding your requirements is our highest priority. We don’t talk customer service, we guarantee it. 
    Continuous Learning – In a rapidly changing business
    environment, our staff and associates stay current through ongoing professional development.

  • Cutting Edge Processes – We use information technology to increase your effectiveness and save you money.

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