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The Employee’s Role in Delivering Exceptional Customer

The Employee’s Role in Delivering Exceptional Customer

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Customer service plays a critical role in a business' future success. Employees must understand their role in creating and contributing to exceptional customer service in their business operation. 

This course focuses on enhancing an employee's insight into how their behavior and attitude impacts a customer’s perception of service. Participants will learn effective techniques for improving their communications with customers and how to handle difficult situations. 
COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

    Communicate more effectively with customers and improve their handling of difficult situations 
    Become an exceptional provider of customer service 
    Understand their role in creating a customer focused environment and how to contribute to the organization 
    Identify the concepts of quality customer satisfaction and how it relates to the organization’s success
    Understand the impact of their behavior and attitude on the customer’s view of service
    Develop a plan for improving their customer relations skills

LENGTH:    One day
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Quality Improvement, Front Line Customer Service, Interpersonal Negotiating Skills

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