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Team Decision Making

Team Decision Making

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees. Group attendance is preferred.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In today’s organization, teams are often responsible for making important decisions. Working in a group has many advantages. The group dynamic is one that is very desirable, as it allows for higher creativity and solutions.  However, if the group does not function well as a team, the group dynamic can lead to conflicts and ineffectiveness.

The highly interactive Team Decision Making Workshop is a unique opportunity to explore the keys to making effective group decisions and solving problems. Teams will earn to avoid pitfalls that can derail a work group from effectiveness.

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Use effective communication skills to interact with team members
•    Effectively make team decisions 
•    Overcome group obstacles 

LENGTH:    One day.
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Creating and Managing High Performance Teams, Positive Leadership, Effective Listening Skills

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