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Success is an Attitude

Success is an Attitude

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on making decisions about career goals and what it takes to obtain them. Specific methodology for assessing the congruence between personal and organizational values, and priorities and goals is also explored.

Participants are exposed to techniques for understanding critical success factors, creating positive personal visions, identifying personal values, and recognizing the many choices involved with organizational priorities.  They will complete the course with the knowledge to create an alignment between personal and career objectives, while developing an organizational support base.

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Articulate values to develop and attain personal goals
•    Assess the alignment of personal goals and values with the organization’s priorities
•    Identify influencing styles and the key factors in developing effective communication with clients and colleagues
•    Develop a ‘Success Action Plan’ to gain personal empowerment for better productivity
•    Utilize a planning model for change to assist in achieving visions and goals

LENGTH:    One day

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Coaching Skills for High Performance, Interpersonal Negotiating Skills, Critical Thinking Skills

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