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Reader Based Writing

Reader Based Writing

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The aim of business writing is to bring about an intended action or effect.  However, when written without a clear purpose, there is nothing to ensure that the intended effect will result. Vague business letters and memos often miss their intended mark because many business writers fail to realize the importance of targeting their audiences. This course enables you to identify your specific purpose and gives you the skills to achieve it.

Mistakes in business writing can lead to anger, or, even worse, a public relations fiasco.  The Reader Based Writing Workshop teaches participants how to find and use the proper style and tone in written messages. 

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Give specific purpose to written business communication
•    Utilize better organization skills
•    Learn to use appropriate writing styles, tones and expressions
•    Maximize writing efficiency
•    Target appropriate audiences to maximize the impact of the written communication
•    Write well enough to initiate the desired effect or action

LENGTH:    One day.

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Effective Business Writing, High Impact Presentations, Effective Grammar Skills

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