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Promoting and Implementing Innovation

Promoting and Implementing Innovation

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Product and Marketing Managers, Professionals, Supervisors, and Staff Specialists

COURSE DESCRIPTION: In order to innovate, managers must be able to effectively implement changes, become better able to assess organizational risk and overcome employee resistance.  The Promoting and Implementing Innovation Workshop assists in helping participants efficiently implement beneficial organizational change.  Participants will better understand employee resistance and learn appropriate ways of gaining support.

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Contribute to organizational goals of quality, productivity and increased competitiveness 
•    Communicate ideas for change successfully
•    Identify stakeholders and create strategies for gaining support
•    Locate resources needed to ensure effective execution
•    Learn to deal productively with resistance to change
•    Develop a results-oriented plans for change
•    Gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully champion new ideas

LENGTH:    Two days.  
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Performance Management, Positive Leadership, Success is an Attitude

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