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Project Management Strategies

Project Management Strategies

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A successful organization must ensure that its projects meet and exceed customer expectations. The objective of the Project Management Strategies Workshop is to improve management capabilities, by teaching participants that each project is a distinct, total system with a set of interdependent components: people, time, information, objects, and money.  The participant is instructed on how to individually manage each of these components by choosing the appropriate technique.
COURSE BENEFITS:    Participants will be able to:

  • Efficiently achieve project goals by distinguishing the action steps, sequence, and timing for successful completion 
  • Identify critical customer/supplier relationships and determine the correct functions based on project needs
  • Create performance indicators and tracking mechanisms
  • Develop monitoring and feedback loops
  • Manage risks
  • Develop a performance management system
  • Deliver an outcome statement based on agreed-upon goals


LENGTH:    Two days.


RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Project Management Skills, Critical Thinking, Effective Listening Skills

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