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Process Mapping

Process Mapping

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders, as well as those responsible for process improvement within their organizations

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Process Mapping addresses the needs of the organization to effectively map all elements of a given process.  The primary course objective is to teach team leaders how to enlist team input when creating a process flow diagram or chart. 

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

    Identify and map all internal and external customer with the described processes
    Establish team managers ability to effectively identify the organizational needs
    Define service in terms of customer expectations and quality characteristics - both technical and cultural
    Target gaps or redundancies which have a negative impact on the organization
    Create a plan for action to address those gaps or redundancies
    Build a continuous improvement plan

LENGTH:    One day. 
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Business Process Re-engineering, Team Decision Making, Positive Power and Influence

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