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Leading Effective Meetings

Leading Effective Meetings

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Managers, supervisors and team leaders 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Often when there is a problem or a decision to be made, people react by “calling a meeting”. However, ineffective meetings may cause further confusion for the group.  

Participants in the Leading Effective Meetings Workshop will learn how to identify meeting appropriateness and develop effective speaking skills. Using a series of situations and a carefully designed checklist, participants will learn specific strategies designed to ensure employee comprehension, commitment and follow-up. 

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

    Coordinate effective meetings 
    Determine appropriate instances to call a meeting
    Develop facilitation and participation skills
    Anticipate and handle meeting challenges effectively
    Ensure proper meeting closure and follow-up
    Utilize informal meeting alternatives

LENGTH:    One day.  
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Creating and Managing High Performance Teams, Coaching Skills for High Performance, Team Decision Making

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