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Interpersonal Negotiating Skills

Interpersonal Negotiating Skills

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees 

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The need to negotiate positive outcomes in our personal and professional lives is ever present. Once we understand one another’s position on a given subject, we can pinpoint any areas of disagreement that will interfere with our ability to reach win-win solutions. 

The Interpersonal Negotiating Skills Workshop shows participants how to creatively work through the negotiating process, and effectively achieve that win-win solution. The primary course objective is to teach participants to use the “Six Steps to Interpersonal Negotiating Success” to accomplish interpersonal negotiating goals.

COURSE BENEFITS:    Participants will be able to:

•    Understand others’ positions, while relating it to their own 
•    Identify barriers to agreement and find creative negotiating skills towards solutions 
•    Gain agreement in interpersonal negotiation situations
•    Identify the real issues at hand

LENGTH:    Two days

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Success is an Attitude, Coaching Skills for High Performance, Team Decision Making

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