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Improving Process Performance

Improving Process Performance

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The solution to helping an organization move more efficiently is by improving its work processes. The primary course objective of the Improving Process Performance Workshop is to help employees at all levels become highly resourceful in the use of group process skills and analytical tools that focus on improving any process or procedure.
COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

    Foresee improvement opportunities, best based on specific criteria 
    Describe the process opportunity through mapping 
    Define customer requirements 
    Identify the gap between customer requirements and process performance
    Make meaningful graphics that properly display data
    Use group processes such as brainstorming to develop plans for performance resolution
    Implement necessary actions through the use of specific process methods

LENGTH:    Two days. 
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Process Mapping, Project Management Skills, Promoting and Implementing Innovation

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