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High Impact Presentations

High Impact Presentations


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Too often in business, less time is spent focusing on what to say rather than how to say it. This approach may lead to a more exciting presentation but will not achieve the desired effect on the audience if they cannot understand the intent of the message.

The High Impact Presentations Workshop is a proven, professional course designed to increase business presentation effectiveness.  The course shows participants how to construct a presentation with the appropriate content to bring about the action intended. Participants are shown powerful verbal and non-verbal techniques to make more professional and persuasive presentations. 

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Utilize the process of effective content construction
•    Develop powerful delivery techniques 
•    Understand how to tailor presentation delivery to fit specific audience requirements
•    Demonstrate the effective use of visual media

LENGTH:    Two days

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Advanced Presentations, Effective Use of Graphics in Presentations, Effective Business Writing

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