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Exceptional Customer Service on the Telephone

Exceptional Customer Service on the Telephone

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The telephone is the customer's direct link to your business.  As we approach the 21st century, companies will enter a period of serious re-evaluation, one where “business as usual” will no longer suffice. Today's service culture demands that we become even more customer-focused, as competition will place pressure on both profitability and productivity. The challenge will be to transfer the full value of our capabilities to our customers.

This workshop explores the fine art of providing exceptional customer service on the telephone, the format most frequently used to interact with customers. Highly interactive and fast-paced, the Exceptional Customer Service Skills on the Telephone Workshop is committed to educating employees in exactly what its name implies. 
COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

    Use effective voice quality techniques 
    Build a quality and customer-friendly service environment
    Respond quickly to irate customer situations
    Understand and utilize effective communication skills
    Identify key components of the Customer Interaction Model, as well as the R.R.A.T.E. Service Model
    Recognize customer needs to exceed expectations

LENGTH: One day 
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Front Line Customer Service, The Employee's Role in Delivering Exceptional Customer Service, Critical Thinking Skills

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