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Essential Administrative Skills

Essential Administrative Skills

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Is it possible to learn efficiency? Can your assistant become one you're ‘lost’ without? The answer to each of these questions is a resounding yes. 

The Essential Skills of Administrative Assistants Workshop teaches participants to be more assertive and become better problem solvers and conflict solvers.  Participants are given the tools necessary to master their role in the office, and to become an invaluable asset to the organization.

COURSE BENEFITS:    Participants will be able to:

Represent management by:
•    Better decision-making
•    Being more assertive
•    Developing better project management

Understand personal talents as an assistant:
•    Realize their specific traits
•    Utilize time management
•    Determine personal work and communication styles
•    Utilize writing and vocabulary skills

Overcome conflicts, such as:
•    Procrastination/ Dealing with last-minute requests
•    Conflict resolution
•    Stress
•    Motivation
•    Lack of concentration

LENGTH:    One day

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Success is an Attitude, Effective Listening Skills, Time Management

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