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Effective Business Writing

Effective Business Writing

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Every organization has specific areas for improvement in their business writing. Poor written messages can result in misinterpretation and may cause doubt in the organization’s overall effectiveness to communicate. 

The primary course objective of the Effective Business Writing Workshop is to teach participants to write effectively.  Business writing should evoke the reader to the action intended. With this course, participants will learn to formulate strategies that insure the clarity of business messages. 

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Maximize writing efficiency 
•    Improve understanding of the organization’s target audience
•    Give direct purpose to business written communication
•    Utilize better organization skills

LENGTH:    Two days. 

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Mastering Effective Business Writing, Effective Use of Graphics in Presentations, Strategic Reading Skills

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