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Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Today’s business environment challenges us to find operating alternatives to improve overall effectiveness and transform our organization.  This creates a greater need for skillful, high quality thinking.

The Critical Thinking Workshop enables participants to effectively appraise both the positive and negative aspects of alternative ideas, judge the truth and merit of each alternative, and then choose the best alternative. Critical thinkers are able to identify, question, and validate their own positions and assumptions, as well as those of their stakeholders and decision-makers.

To make this class most effective, participants are asked to bring real life issues on which to develop an effective business case.

COURSE BENEFITS:    Participants will be able to:

    Apply the critical thinking process in developing an effective business case
    Utilize critical thinking techniques to generate fresh ideas
    Focus on consequences to separate problems from solutions, question assumptions and improve the quality of the thinking process
    Define the terms: position, assumption, and data
    Recognize and validate one’s own position on a given issue, as well as the position of others
    Identify and test the validity of assumptions

LENGTH: One day
RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Creating and Managing High Performance Teams, Project Management Strategies, Effective Business Writing

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