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Basic Problem-Solving & Decision Making

Basic Problem-Solving & Decision Making

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This workshop develops effective methods to analyze options, generate solutions and solve problem effectively.  Participants will learn techniques to breakdown a problem into its key components and utilize creative thinking methods to develop solutions. These learned techniques could be used individually, or in group situations.  To make this class most effective, participants are asked to bring real life issues on which to develop a business case.


COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

  • Generate effective, innovative solutions to problems
  • Demonstrate problem-solving methods to expand thinking and gather information
  • Identify problems and implement the appropriate problem-solving tools and techniques to make informed decisions
  • Apply creative thinking methods to develop new approaches to further problem-solving challenges
  • Exercise the problem-solving method in a group environment


LENGTH: One day


RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS: Critical Thinking Skills, Quality Improvement, Leading Effective Meetings

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