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Advanced Presentations

Advanced Presentations

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All employees

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Effective presenters know that organization is the key to effective presentations. However, the organization of a presentation has as much to do with the presentation's success as its style. 

The Advanced Presentations Workshop teaches participants an 8-step process to planning and presenting a highly effective and persuasive presentation. 

COURSE BENEFITS: Participants will be able to:

•    Assess their best presentation style
•    Structure the content of a presentation to meet the specific needs of the audience
•    Make persuasive presentations based on a learned 8-step process
•    Design interesting and informative presentation media 
•    Deliver presentation content with credibility and enthusiasm 
•    Make effective impromptu and team presentations

LENGTH:    Two days. 

RELATED COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS:    Effective Use of Graphics in Presentations, Effective Business Writing, Designing Training Programs

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